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Macarons: take 2

So last week my mom and I tried making macarons…it didn’t work haha. We tried again last night and we actually got some pretty ones!

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Black or White?

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May 28, 2014

5. Cancer
 Fast food

"Sebastian, what is this new dish??"

"I’m told it is called a ‘cheeseburger’. However, it seem to lack in the amount of cheese so I took the liberty of adding more to it."

"You added way too much!!"

Recently, I reread all of Kuroshitsuji again and according to the Kuroshitsuji wiki, Ciel has navy blue hair, sooooo why not? I honestly have no idea what I was thinking with this “scene”… oh well. (yes I know McDonald’s and fast food in general should not even exist yet in Ciel’s time, but oh well to that too ><)

#4 of my Oha Asa Series

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